Research Group  

Current Member

  • Yingying Liu (Postdoc Researcher)

  • Xiaoduo Li (Postdoc Researcher)

  • Junyao Hou (PhD Student)

  • Weijie Dong (PhD Student)

  • Peng Lv (PhD Student)

  • Jianing Zhao (PhD Student)

  • Bohan Cui (PhD Student)

  • Yifan Xie (Master Student)

  • Jiawei Zhao (Master Student)

  • Xiaohua Ren (Master Student)

  • Jingshi Yao (Master Student)

  • Guangqing Luo (Master Student)

  • Feifei Huang (Undergraduate Student)

  • Bo Yue (Undergraduate Student)

  • Chuxuan Yin (Undergraduate Student)

  • Hongbo Yang (Undergraduate Student)

Group Alumni

  • Zhaocong Liu (Master Student, Graduated 2021, next PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  • Yuanjiang Yang (Master Student, Graduated 2021)

  • Yang Liu (Undergraduate Student, Graduated 2020, next PhD at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

With my students, January 2021.

With my students, September 2020.